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Fashion trends keep changing and that’s what we love about them, don’t we? Layering up ourselves with jewellery for a wedding function or throwing in some statement pieces for a day event, we all enjoy putting our creativity into work and creating looks according to the current fashion trends. Buying designer jewellery online in India has also paved our way in restoring our fashion sense. We can now keep up with the trend with just a click. But it’s often difficult to keep up with the ever changing ones. So here’s a list of some of the ongoing fashion trends, that we’ve curated just for you.


Abalone is a kind of shellfish that is known for its colorful inside shell. Let’s admit it, we all at some point, have fallen in love with shell jewellery. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and on the top of it all, it makes a bold statement with its minimal design. Abalone jewellery, in particular, is making the rounds these days. It goes perfectly with western outfits and gives out beachy vibes with a touch of the Caribbean. And if feeling a bit too adventurous, you can also pair it up with a printed saree and a messy bun for a near dreamy look. Easy buying of fashion jewellery online in India has only made Abalone jewellery more accessible.

Bohemian Fever

The bohemian trend is a trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. It’s all about being carefree, free-spirited and hipster in millennial terms. The bohemian trend is an attitude altogether. The flowy dresses, intricate yet elaborate jewellery and hair let loose in beachy waves, Bohemian culture accepts it all. Boho-chic, tribal trends, boho, all these terms fall under the same umbrella. And if you’ve just joined the bohemian bandwagon, don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated. Throw on a maxi dress, a floral headwrap, a pair of gladiator sandals with an uber-chic necklace and you’re ready to rock your boho look. If you’re looking to buy stylish jewellery online in India, you can easily find such bohemian pieces at Bo’Bell Jewels.

Nature-inspired Jewellery

Nature inspired jewellery is the new talk of the town. It makes us feel closer to nature and bring calmness to our ever-running mind. Casting a whimsical spell, nature-inspired jewellery adds a personality to our outfit. It is not only trending but it also has calming effects on our mind and body. Quirky and colourful, nature-inspired jewellery boosts our style sense. Capturing the beauty of the natural world, we at Bo’Bell Jewels have come up with pieces that are woven so intricately that it’ll take you straight into nature’s arms.

Green is the New Black

Rainbow colours can never go out of fashion; it’s all about who gets to be in the spotlight of the season. And green, for sure is the colour of the season. The way in which it casts its luminous hues upon Indian skin tone is mesmerizing. The green colour is flooding spaces in the fashion world. And if you are looking to buy fashion jewellery online in India, we at Bo’Bell Jewels have crafted some of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery in colour green for you.

So go ahead, let your creative juices flow and buy stylish jewellery online in India at Bo’Bell Jewels by picking out some extraordinary pieces for yourself.

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