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Most people describe the bohemian sense of style as ‘unconventional and carefree’. But it doesn’t end there; boho style has a lot more to it. It is a feeling altogether that imbibes in your personality. Earlier, only artists and people from the literary world were known to rock the style. However, it picked on, and people started adding their touch to it. Boho style is easy-going, it’s free-spirited, and it has a devil-may-care attitude, which is what this world needs right now. Millennials especially are embracing this style with much enthusiasm. That is why Bohemian jewelry online in the USA has seen a sudden rise in sales.

Creating a boho-inspired look isn’t as difficult as it seems. Bo’Bell Makes It Easy!

Incorporate the following elements into your look and flaunt your boho outfit. You can quickly turn any outfit into a boho look with the help of the following accessories.

Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is something that can instantly add an oomph factor to your outfit. Bohemian style includes all sorts of experiments that you can do with your outfit and still be able to give out that carefree attitude. With maang tikka, you can turn any outfit into a fusion outfit where east meets west. Reach for that strappy printed top that you hate for no reason at all, wear it with ripped denim and pair it up with flats of your choice. Add the Maang tikka to your look and witness the instant transformation that it gives to your outfit. Not just India but Maang tikka has a major demand in bohemian jewelry online in the USA as well.

Image source: https://bobelljewels.com/product_detail/BJ327/SILVER


Fringe Fever

The bohemian sense of style has endless possibilities to transform your outfits from boring to uber chic. But there are a few staple choices that one can make to give the outfit a makeover effortlessly. One such option would be adding fringe to your outfit. Fringe is that one element that catches attention almost immediately and adds charm. Fringe can be incorporated into your outfit in various ways. You can opt for a fringe bag that has tassels hanging from it, or you can for a fringe top that can steal the show instantly. Tassel earrings can also add volumes to an outfit.


Charm Of An Anklet

Nothing is more delicate than an intricate anklet adorning a woman’s feet. There’s something about an anklet that whispers elegance with a touch of power. However, there’s always a way to spice things up and give an edge to your outfit. Go for a loose fitted printed dress that ends right below your knees and pairs it up with floral ballerinas. Pick up a dainty anklet from Bo’Bell Jewels collection and let it add magic to your outfit. Complete the look with your tassel shoulder bag. Voila! You boho outfit is ready with absolutely minimal efforts.

Image source: https://bobelljewels.com/product_detail/BJ393/SILVER

Statement Headpieces
You must have seen influencers from all over the world flaunting elaborate headpieces with their casual outfits and rocking the look! That is the power of the right accessories. It can completely change the vibe of your outfit. A headpiece is one such accessory that is doing the rounds these days. You can turn any outfit to boho look if you pair up the right headpiece with your look. Headpieces don’t always have to expensive and huge. You can change your look just by tying your scarf in a different way over your head. Given that you keep your outfit casual and easy going.

So go ahead, experiment, add colors and stop restricting yourself to some certain looks!

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