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What comes to your mind when we say the word “Pearl”?

Grace Kelly?
Princess Diana?

There’s no doubt that pearl is one of the most desired gemstones and its natural off-white sheen is second to none but wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a variety in color?

Love the pearls but want to try something other than the natural color?

Worry not!
Because we at Bo’Bell Jewels have got you covered!

We present to you some of our most beautiful pearls, in various colors which will go with your any and every attire and look perfect for every occasion, be it an Indian wedding, western wedding or a corporate event. Bo’Bell pearl necklaces and earrings are designed so intricately that they will make you stand out of the crowd in every occasion.

  • Bo’Bell Crunchy Precious Fashion Stylish Amethyst Necklace/Purple:

Amethyst Necklace
Unless you are living under the rock, you must have heard of Pantone declaring the color of the year which is Ultra Purple. While the world is wearing it as their attire why not do something different and wear it in a piece of jewelry. Our premium quality crunchy precious fashion stylish necklace in amethyst is sure to make heads turn in every function. Aside from being remarkably appealing, this necklace can be worn for years to come because of its component alloys ability to resist rust.

  • Bo’Bell Black Beauty Crunchy FWP Western Necklace/Black:


Western Necklace

Have you ever given it a thought that if pearl in its natural form is so bewitching, how will it look in the extreme side of the spectrum? Well, look no further than Bo’Bell jewels black beauty crunchy FWP necklace. This neck piece comprising of beads and twisted freshwater pearls make for a must-have in your jewelry storage. Be it a high-end corporate party of a private family function; this jewelry will help you shine. Extraordinarily lightweight, this necklace is highly durable.

  • Bo’Bell Classy Tri Strand Freshwater Pearl Rose Quartz Buckle Neck-piece/Multi:

Buckle Neck-piece

They say the more, the merrier but they also say “don’t overdo with neckpieces” Well, we at Bo’Bell Jewels believe in, “overdoing Pearl only beautifies and adds elegance”. This Bo’Bell jewels classy tri strand freshwater pearl rose quartz buckle necklace is what sets the tone for adequately layering the pieces of jewelry. This colorful necklace comprising of freshwater pearls is not only beautiful but durable as well. With sterling silver rose quartz clasp as it bases metal, this necklace exhibits appeal and quality, making it a perfect addition to your jewelry closet.

Bo’Bell Jewels bring you the full range of magnificent and colorful pearls, which will make you stand out of the crowd.

There’s no doubt that naturally colored pearls are a class of their own, but these judiciously colored and meticulously beaded pearls by Bo’bell Jewels are nothing short of amazing. Not Just pearls, at Bo’Bell Jewels, you can choose mother nature’s Abalone, Jades, CZ’s to Bohemian chic & Dainty style jewelry @ www.bobelljewels.com (we offer FREE Shipping – Globally*).

Bo’Bell jewels assure beauty with supreme quality at an attractive price!

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