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Fashion is seasonal. What you like today may not be on your wishlist the next month. As the pages of the calendar change, so does the trend in accessories. 2018 has been a great year especially for accessories fashion what with all the experiments with raw rhinestones, different finishes, the re-entry of quirky brooch pins, midi rings and headscarves.

What’s even more interesting is the fiery trend of fusion jewelry taking on the market with a sweep.

Here are some of the most favored jewelry trends, new and retro, of 2018 :

Layer It On

Layering is the new trend, whether it’s clothes or jewelry. Layered necklaces, making a hot combo of chokers and deep neckline pieces, are becoming the perfect everyday accessory to flaunt with basic Tees or evening gowns or even your sundress. Ethnic layered necklaces on shirts or blouses or even ethnic dresses for that matter are a perfect way to embellish any dull attire. Fusion is the new fashion and layered necklaces are the embodiment of it.

Ethnic layered necklaces

Turquoise Is The New Black

One thing we can all agree on is that turquoise is a cool color. This refreshing color can breathe life into any boring attire. This is exactly the reason why it is the favourite of every boho chic out there.
Bo’Bell’s Beach Ready Flawless Chic Shell pendant Set is designed specifically to quench the turquoise thirst of the boho chic within you.

Womens Jewelry

She Sells Sea Shells

Shells have been welcomed with open arms in the mainstream fashion. While they have always been a part of the beach look and boho fashion, it’s only recent that shell jewelry is being flaunted on every kind of outfit. Whether it’s an entire shell or the shaped colored shell pieces, these gorgeous pieces deserve a place in your collection.
Bo’Bell’s shell collection includes some dainty and yet beautiful jewelry pieces perfect for everyday and every attire.

Bo’Bell’s shell collection

  • For a complete ensemble

From rings to necklaces to earrings and everything in between, we have tried to bring you a complete set that makes it easy to complete a look. Let this complementing pair of necklace, earrings and pendant become a part of every and any ensemble.
Bo’Bell’s Combo offers feature a collective set of complete jewelry ensemble that you can pair with your outfit cordially. We have a big bunch in store, so you get to take your pick. 

Bo’Bell’s Combo offers

  • Add some funk

    In every jewelry hoarder’s collection, you’ll find a special piece of funky jewelry that they adore and keep it for special occasions. This is exactly why Bo’Bell has included some funky pieces like this funky Abalony shell necklace in its new collection to complete your collection.

funky Abalony shell necklace

Bo’Bell uses metal amalgams to make the jewelry rust resistant so that you can get jewelry that stays with you. Our passion for jewelry drives our urge to bring the best of fashion to our customers and that is what our business thrives on.   

Check out Bo’bell’s latest collections and update your jewelry collections today.

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