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Indian craftsmanship has always had a remarkable influence on western jewelry market. Indian jewelry is often termed as exotic in various lands. It is said that the British rulers were in awe of the intricate craftsmanship of Indian artisans. But as India grew in its skills and techniques, Indian artisans also started combining western cuts into their pieces, bringing cultures together. Blended with India’s own craft and taste, Bo’Bell Jewels has curated a range of jewelry pieces that portray east meets west jewelry in India. Let’s go and find out about this dainty yet quirky journey together.

Color Burst

  • Go green! Stone

Green is said to be the most graceful color among the array of jewels. It compliments the attire beautifully and holds a different charm to intermingle with all kinds of contemporary outfits, no matter what color. It is the most trending color of the season, and the way in which it is blended with contemporary jewelry is something that’s truly remarkable. The rich colored jewelry brings an outfit together like magic. Green color has ruled Indian jewelry for as long as we can remember, and now combined with western jewelry is the most excellent example of east meets west jewelry in India.

  • Abalone Shell

The inspiration behind the Abalone jewelry is the Abalone shell that is usually found on the Caribbean islands. And it is one of the most beautiful additions to the jewelry line. The mesmerizing hues that can be stared at for hours not only bring a sense of culture with it but it also whisks together the eastern side of the world with the western side with the help of its natural vibes. Abalone Shell is the latest addition to the east meets west necklace in India.


Yoga inspired

Bo’Bell Jewels contributed its bit in bringing the cultures together by launching the Yoga-inspired collection, which is not only enchanting but also mind and soul strengthening. Its spiritual and nature inspired jewelry helps you in forming a sacred bond with yourself and with nature which can prove to be a tough task in this age and time. Jewelry of such kind is a statement-making fashion piece and holds deeper meanings too, that can be genuinely inspiring. Merging elements of yoga with new-age designs of jewelry is a significant part of east meets west jewelry in India.

Tribal chic collection

Bohemian culture is one such culture that has no origin; it incorporates bits and pieces from different parts of the world. It is unconventional and a perfect amalgamation of different cultures. Indian culture, in particular, is taking up a lot from boho culture. We at Bo’Bell Jewels have combined tribal and funky with ultra classy pieces. What we came up with are some of the ravishing pieces that go well with Indian as well as Western outfits. The tribal chic collection finds the perfect balance between spunk and grace. You can easily find east meets west necklace in India under the ‘Tribal Chic Collection’ section on our site.

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